Dual Element Universe

'Everyone knew it was impossible, until a fool who didn't know came along and did it.'

Terms & Conditions

This work is protected in its details and in its entirety by copyright. Any use of the written material is subject to the permission of the author. The hypothesis, until scientific acceptance, is only fiction, so copyright extends to this as well.

In the name of free development of science, I consent to:

to quote the work in part, to store the details of the work of reasonable size for own use, to further the hypothesis, to use the hypothesis in an experiment,

as long as:

  • there is no financial benefit related to this activity,

  • the user shares with me the fact of the use, the changed version of the hypothesis, the detailed description and result of the experiment (www.duelun.com/contact),

  • his/her publication clearly and conspicuously shows the name of the hypothesis (Dual Element Universe) and official web address of hypothesis (www.duelun.com),

  • contributes to the integration of his/her result into hypothesis, with an indication of the source.

If the above activity subsequently brings revenue to the user, the right of use will not be terminated, but I will ask a fair share of the revenue.

Any industrial use of the hypothesis, registration of a patent right based on or using the hypothesis is only possible with the prior consent of the author.

If the hypothesis is scientifically accepted, it is considered a description of natural phenomena and can be used freely by everyone. I ask the user if he/she is gaining revenue from using the hypothesis, to ask himself/herself if my hypothesis has helped him/her in this; and if the answer is yes, please share a fair share of the revenue with me.

I reserve the right to make changes at any time. 12/07/2021.

Thank you to those, who supported me with their donations so that I could spend as much time as possible to develop my hypothesis. If you want to support me, I thank you too, and you can do it here.

Thank you to those, who helped me in my work with opinions and criticism. If you have an opinion or critique related to my hypothesis, or just want to ask questions, we can discuss it here.

Thanks to those, who helped me in any other ways.

    Peter, my big son

    who pushed me onto the rugged road of creating the hypothesis

    David, my little son

    who with his smile gives me enough stamina to do my work, every day

    Agnes, my wife

    who with her loving care and patience facilitates me to focus on my hypothesis