Dual Element Universe

'Everyone knew it was impossible, until a fool who didn't know came along and did it.'


Describing the hypothesis is time consuming, a bit strenuous in addition to work and would require some experimentation as well. Nevertheless, I would like to continue the work and produce a fully detailed, correctly proven theoretical description. Since I am not a physicist, in fact not any scientist, I don't have any publications or any scientific background, I can only count on community help to continue my work. If you are reading this page, I think, you are convinced my hypothesis may be correct and worthy of improvement, so if you have the opportunity, please, support me in achieving of my goal.

Financial support, sponsorship

I know I still have a lot of work to do with my hypothesis that could be done effectively on a full-time basis. I and my family, like everyone else, need money for life and earning it is only possible by daily work. If you can support me with any amount, you facilitate me to make my research activity a full-time job. With this, you too can be part of perfecting this - in my opinion – great hypothesis.

Opinion, criticism

The big trap of any unique hypothesis is, that the thoughts of its inventor are locked in into the hypothesis. To avoid this trap, I would also need the opinion of outside observers. So if you find a mistake in the hypothesis, have criticism, or just have a question, please share it with me on the forum and let’s discuss it. Of course, I also welcome any positive feedback as well.


One of the foundations of scientific acceptance of my hypothesis is to get to know as many people as possible. Since I can only describe the hypothesis in Hungarian and English - and the English version not perfectly either - I am counting on your help for the translations. If you think you are capable to translate my work to any other language, please contact me.

Mathematical calculations, modeling

As I have already written, I am not a physicist, and I am not a mathematician either. I have some mathematical background, but that’s not enough to set up all the mathematical equations in my hypothesis without further learning. Even if I manage to work full-time on my hypothesis, due to the volume of the topic, in my time on this earth, I will not have time to do the correct mathematical description of my hypothesis and computer modeling of multi-element systems. In the absence of any other solution, I would rather entrust this to the pros. Perhaps, you will be the one who provides conclusive evidence to my hypothesis by your mathematical calculations or computer modeling of multi-element systems.

Thank you to those, who supported me with their donations so that I could spend as much time as possible to develop my hypothesis. If you want to support me, I thank you too, and you can do it here.

Thank you to those, who helped me in my work with opinions and criticism. If you have an opinion or critique related to my hypothesis, or just want to ask questions, we can discuss it here.

Thanks to those, who helped me in any other ways.

    Peter, my big son

    who pushed me onto the rugged road of creating the hypothesis

    David, my little son

    who with his smile gives me enough stamina to do my work, every day

    Agnes, my wife

    who with her loving care and patience facilitates me to focus on my hypothesis